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Monitor various aspects of customer performance.


On the Stats tab, view graphs related to calling and call quality statistics and reports. All graphs may be filtered by different time segments and are available to be downloaded.


View several useful graphs with details around usage or to identify potential issues.

Graph Description
Channels Details channel usage
ACD Average Call Duration can be viewed as a Total, or you can isolate traffic on a per carrier basis (click on a customer to remove/add it from the graph); if ACD is lower on one carrier, that is indicative of potential line quality issues
ASR Answer Seizure Ratio can be viewed as a Total, or you can isolate traffic on a per carrier basis (click on a customer to remove/add it from the graph); if some carriers are lower than others this may indicate an issue
Attempts Useful to compare total connected calls to total attempted calls
Balance Balance Over Time
CPS Calls per Second over time
Customer Carrier Duration Click on the carriers to select/deselect individual carriers to view desired stats
DTMF Dual Tone Frequency Modulation percentages
Codes SIP response codes (List of SIP Response Codes)
PDD The lower the Post Dial Delay the better, however typically not viewed as problematic until it gets over 7 seconds
Destinations Displays all call destinations
CLI ASR View ASR statistics per CLI
Channel and CPS Breach This will identify instances when customers have exceeded your preset thresholds
Fraud F1 Internal metric used to identify a customer is potentially dialing many different numbers as opposed to similar/same numbers (may indicate potential fraud situation)


View call quality metrics.

Graph Description
MOS The Mean Opinion Score is an average measure of voice quality
Round Trip Time Displays how long traffic takes to be sent and received
Jitter Variance of packet delivery across the network causes information to arrive out of order. A higher jitter (50+ ms) may point towards potential voice quality issues
Packet Loss Loss of packets may cause some voice quality issues, or it may not be detectable


View any reports that have been setup for a customer.

Route Stats

Route Stats displays Channel, Channel Breach, and CPS Breach data based on individual routes.

Latest Calls

The Latest Calls tab provides records of incoming and outgoing calls. View calls and refresh the list of simulated calls.

To simulate a call:

  1. Click on the Simulate button.
  2. Complete details for Dialed Number, CLI/ANI, Switch IP etc.
  3. Select Simulate button.

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The Dialogs tab shows the active calls on the account so you can easily see active calls with one click.


Alerts allow you to generate alerts to your customers when specific events are triggered, or to disable accounts autonomously when set thresholds are reached. You can view all configured alerts by clicking on this tab.

To add a customized alert, click the + button and provide the following: 1. Title: describe what the alert is for 2. Email/Phone: where to send the alert 3. Area: select the parameter which is being monitored 4. Operator: compared to Threshold selected below 5. Threshold: the limit to trigger the alert, in units related to the selected Area above 6. Reset Threshold: retriggers alert at the new limit 7. Sample Period: how frequent the alert is sent 8. Penalty: autonomously disable the account for the selected time frame (system will automatically enable after the time period has elapsed) 6. Click Save.

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