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Customer Repositories

The ConnexCS system has several document types available for customers to manage their experience. These sections can be viewed and managed from within the individual customers.


The Invoices tab displays a record of invoices sent to the account. These can be automatically generated. You can also add extra lines, packages, minutes, and so on. Clicking the entries will display more detailed information.


The Contracts section lists provider contracts associated with the active customer account. Select the records by clicking their names to see more details.

This is used when you want new customers to agree to certain conditions before they can dial. The Grace Date allows the customer to demo the service until the set date, at which time they will need to agree to the contract to continue using the service.


The Documents section is used to collect various files from the customer. Some examples are CLI verification, copy of a phone bill, or some means to verify identity such as a passport. Creating and saving a new entry here will send an alert to the customer letting them know they need to provide the requested document. This can be uploaded from the customer site, then accessed here for review.