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When you subscribe to ConnexCS you have 2 main tariffs that you can use: either per minute or per channel.

ConnexCS Billing per channel

This is the traditional approach where you pay for a set number of channels or ports.


  1. Cheaper than per minute billing if you have consistent traffic with high utilisation.
  2. Servers are provided for free at various tiers.
  3. Predictable Costs.


  1. More expensive if you have sporadic traffic.
  2. Capacity availability is less dynamic.

ConnexCS Billing per minute

This billing strategy is similar, but not exactly the same as how you would get charged by your provider. The amount of seconds that you use will be accumulated daily and combined with the per minute cost, then subtracted from your account.


  1. Best scalability
  2. Self scaling costs.


  1. More expensive if you have regular consistent traffic
  2. You will have to pay if you want multiple servers.

Minimum Charges

All accounts are subject to a minimum spend of $10 / month, this covers the absolute basic costs of keeping your account active and prevents ConnexCS loss from stagnant accounts.

Capacity Planning

Regardless of which plan you choose, we like to engage in active capacity planning with our customers. This way we can make sure that, when you want to burst to a higher utilisation, everything is in place for the best performance.