Change Log

26th September 2018

Destination Server NAT Manual Enabled - If the destination of a NAT is a UAS (Without registration), the server does not correct its advertised IP address & there is no SIP ALG in the NAT device, this option will allow NAT to be forced on the destination endpoint.

17th September 2018

CANCEL / Connected Race Condition UAC Fix - If the switch observes a CANCEL after a 200OK, it will end the dialog, this is typically something that should be done by the UAC, however buggy clients dont always properly implement the detection of this.

14th September 2018

Real Distributed Channel & Throughput Limitation - When using a cluster, any channel or CPS limits set will be calculated between all available nodes in the cluster.

13th September 2018

Sankey Diagrams on Dashboard - Sankey diagrams showing channels between customers and providers.

10th September 2018

RTP IPv6 Ready - RTP Servers are now IPv6 Ready, switching layer still pending.

01st September 2018

User Location Routing & NAT Pinholing - A User can register to ANY switch (including load balancers) and all calls to that user will be proxied via the registered machine. This eliminated any NAT pinholing issues.

31st August 2018

Global CDR - Detailed global CDR view allowing sorting, filtering and checkbox for recalculating specific calls.

30th August 2018

Global IP & User/Pass - Global view for IP and Username / Password Authentication.

24th August 2018

Balance Graph - Highly requested, balance graph same as our old control panel available in customer stats.

10th August 2018

Number Specific Analytics - Query numbers dialled (Origination / Termination) and display statistics.

9th August 2018

Bulk Upload In Customer And DID - CSV Upload for Customer's & DID's.

1st August 2018

REGISTER SIP traces - To aid in debugging registration problems, you can now see SIP Traces for REGISTER requests.

30th July 2018

Language Menu - i18n integration for multi-lingual control panel. We also have the ability for you to add your own translations and contribute to the ConnexCS platform.

27th July 2018

Global Menu - New vector for querying information from the system. You can now look at various datasources directly instead of data only been accessible via customer / carrier.

25th July 2018

IVR Feature - Interactive Voice Response added to our class 5 features.

23rh July 2018

Integrated Status Page Notifications - If there is any partial outage it will be visible as a flashing icon in the control panel.

14th July 2018

DID Provision Feature - Closed Beta - Allow DID numbers to be provisioned via selected carrier's APIs.

13th July 2018

Bulk Edit For Carrier, Calling Card, Provider & Customer rate card) - More bulk edit functionality.

12th July 2018

Customer Bulk Edit Feature - Allow certian fields in customer to be bulk edited.

3rd July 2018

Data-Retention Feature - Display information about Data Retention (CDR's)

2nd July 2018

Downloadable SIP Ladder - Download SIP Ladder (Trace) as a PNG.

22th June 2018

Bulk Edit for DID - First bulk edit feature, soon to be rolled across the whole site. Balance Graph - Display historic balance for customers and carriers.

21st June 2018

Form Builder - Advanced developer function to create forms that can be used throughout the control panel and customer portal.

13th June 2018

Timezones - Switch the interface to any timezone and all displayed dates and times are correctly offset.

7th June 2018

SIP Registration Log - Log of last 1000 registration attempts for debugging registrations.

1st June 2018

CDR Recalc - Enhanced re-rating capabilities (Balance Recalculation, Summary Recalculation, Re-rating & duration correcting)

31st May 2018

Graphs of Packets Sent, Packets Lost & Jitter - More RTCP information available graphically.

30th May 2018

RTCP Data on logging - Exports specific RTCP metric information to the logging page for debugging audio.

25th May 2018

Monthly Invoice Generate Feature - Speeds up invoice generation by being able to select a whole month to invoice.

17th May 2018

Userspace Database Download **Package Start & End Date.

16th May 2018

CDR Query Builder - Advanced multi-dimentional querying over the last 3 months of CDR data supporting nested logical operations.

11th May 2018

Collo Business And External API - Integration with Unified Communication App.

8th May 2018

Cluster for SIP servers - The first step forward into multi-server clusters capable of being deployed in geographically redundant senarios and sharing user-location and capacity information, tollerant of failures.

3rd May 2018

Rate Card Specific Prefix Manual Ordering - Specility feature for micro-management of per prefix routing fully manually. This feature is not suitable for all companies, but essential if you need it.

27th April 2018

Dialogs - Detailed view on all active calls with the ability to end calls from the Control Panel.

24th April 2018

Customer & Carrier DTMF & Duration Stats - Enhanced Statistics from our new real-time analytics system.

6th April 2018

IP Whitelist in User/Password Authentication - Enhanced Security for calls to only be passed if BOTH Source IP and Username / Password Credentials are present. (REGISTER is not limited)

28th March 2018

Customer Penalty - This feature allows a customers account to automatically be placed on a temporary block (penalty) when certian criteria is met as defined in alert. This is very useful to set hard limits to prevent poor quality traffic, e.g ASR, ACD.

26th March

VPN Integration - VPN Available upon request. Conference - This update pushes conferences bridges into full deployment and is avaialble as a routed destiantion for DID's, SIP Trunks and Softphone extensions.

March 21 2018

VoiceMail - This update adds the ability for forward calls pointing to an extension to a voicemail application. The voicemail application then sends an email to the registered use to notify them of a new voicemail. When routing is configured a user can press *1 to access their voicemail options.

3rd Janurary 2018

Class 5 Apps - Re-Implementation of Class 5 Apps, to allow drag-drop class 5 applications to be built.