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Detailed Features - ConnexCS

ConnexCS offers a wide range of features including Customer Management, Rate Card Management, CDR, Carrier Management, LCR (Least Cost Routing), Sandbox & much more.

Customer Features

  • Unlimited customers with no limitations.
  • Prepaid and Postpaid customers.
  • IP Authentication & User/Password Authentication.
  • Multiple Currency support- USD, GBP, EUR, INR, AUD.
  • Alerts - Get notification of a low balance by email.
  • Tax Management.
  • Live Customer and Vendor balances.
  • CLI Restrictions.
  • Live Channels graph.
  • CPS, ASR, ACD, Ring Time & PDD statistics.
  • Latest Calls list on each customer account.
  • Customer Portal with balance, CDR, rate cards, graphs:
  • ACD Graph
  • ASR Graph
  • Channel Usage Graph
  • CPS Graph
  • DTMF Graph
  • White label (Paid Subscription Only).

Carrier Management

  • Unlimited carriers.
  • Auto update of provider balance through customizable API/Scraping.
  • Separate CDR section for carriers.

Rate Card Management

  • Unlimited number of rate cards.
  • XLS, CSX, XLSX & ZIPped versions of the aforementioned import.
  • Multiple providers per card.
  • Auto LCR generation based on codes.
  • Multiple Currency support for Vendor/Provider rate cards (USD, GBP, EUR, INR, AUD).
  • Tech Prefix per provider switch, or per provider rate card.
  • Advanced options for LCR mapping.
  • NPA-NXX Compatible - Manage 100's of rate cards by the code.
  • Automatically apply profit margin by percentage or fixed price against specific rate card codes.
  • Revision History.

CDR Management

  • Processing of CDR in Real time.
  • Real time data backup on multiple servers with instant access.
  • Unparallelled reliability, redundancy and speed of data access.
  • The ability to compare rate cards to identify discrepancies in billing between customers and providers.
  • Add unlimited columns to capture all your data & unlimited rows to capture all your calls.
  • Detailed statistics of ACD/ASR/NER/PDD on demand.


  • Real time call attempts to check the status of a call.
  • Access to SIP trace a call.
  • Search for a particular call using phone number, call id, customer ip.
  • The ability to stimulate a call, before the actual call is processed, to check the validity of the call.


  • Multiple servers to reduce latency.
  • Access to your server to restart or to turn off server.
  • Detailed statistics of server including CPU utilization, SNMP load average & ping live graph.
  • All managed in 1 control panel.
  • Scalable Servers.
  • Deploy Single or multiple load balancers to server your switch cluster.
  • DNS Management on request.

ScriptForge In

  • Lets you execute a customized piece of script per call.
  • Allows users to take control in highly programmable way.
  • Unique applications can be written that will enable you to create your bespoke computational parameters.
  • Dramatically expands your customization options.
  • Bridges the gap between off the shelf and customizable switches making it unique to hosted switches.


  • Professional 1st line tech support resolving 90% of issues.
  • Enhanced 2nd line tech support to solve really difficult problems.
  • Access to professional technical knowledge