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Uploading files to a ConnexCS Account

This tutorial explains how to upload files to your connex account.

  1. Login to your Connex account. From the side menu, extend Management, and select File.

alt text

  1. A new page will open showing files you've previously uploaded, if any. Find and click the Upload button at the top of the page.

alt text

  1. Select the file from the dialogue window that opens to your computer, and click Upload.

The file should appear as the next item on the list if the upload is successful. If errors occur, check the settings fo your browser or operating system to see if any defenses are preventing uploads of a certain type.

Refresh the list

Update the list items shown in the by clicking on Refresh which is right next to Upload button.

Remove files

After you've selected a file from the list, remove it by clicking the Remove button.

Cancel upload

To cancel a file upload in the queue, click the Cancel button next to the Upload button.

Bulk uploading

Bulk uploading lets yoy aselect multiple files and upload them simultaneously by clicking the Upload All button. Similarly, you can click on Cancel all and Remove all to perform their corresponding actions.

Download the uploaded file

You can download a file you've selected with the Download button. The ensuing action should be to open your browser's save-as dialogue.

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