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How to upload files in your Connex account?

This tutorial will guide you on how to upload files to your connex account.

  1. Login to your Connex account. From the side menu, extend "Management", find "Files" and click on it.

alt text

  1. A new page will open which will show already uploaded files. On the top of the page, look for "Upload" button and click on it.

alt text

  1. Now, select the file from your computer and click again on the "Upload" button as shown in the image below.

alt text

The file will now upload and can be seen in the list.

Refresh the list

You can refresh the list by clicking on "Refresh" which is right next to "Upload" button.

Remove files

You can remove this file by clicking on "Remove" button if you need to.

Cancel upload

You can also cancel the upload of a file which is in the queue by clicking on the "Cancel" button which is right next to "Upload" button.

Bulk uploading

You can also select multiple files from the computer and then upload them all simultaneously, by clicking on "Upload all" button. Similarly, you can click on "Cancel all" and "Remove all" for cancelling and removing all uploads, respectively.

Download the uploaded file

You can download the file by clicking on "Download" button.

alt text