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The logging is used to check Real time call attempts, SIP traces, routing status & to simulate a call.

SIP traces

To view the SIP traces of a call follow the steps below.

  1. Click on Management> Logging

alt text

  1. Click on the call id for which you wish to view the SIP traces.

alt text

  1. Click on the SIP traces button to view the SIP trace image.

Please note the SIP traces are not always guaranteed.

Simulating Calls

Users can simulate the calls by using the following simple procedure:

  1. Click on Management> Logging> Simulate

alt text

  1. Enter the Dialled number & CLI/ANI Number
  2. Select the switch IP from the drop down menu.
  3. Enter the IP address.
  4. Optionally add the sip extension user
  5. Select the routing engine zone & click simulate
  6. The simulation call result will appear in the logging. The call id will start with a SIM name, click on the call id to view the routing status of that call.

alt text

  1. Pop-up will appear. Enter the details in it.


Lookup service helps you to do a query of a number,

  1. Click the Look up button, right next to the Simulate button.
  2. Enter the phone number
  3. Select the type and click search
  4. The lookup result will be displayed in the logging page.

Refreshing the Logs

User can also refresh the lists of logs by clicking on Refresh button, right next to the Look up button.

alt text

Searching the Logs

You can search for a call by a phone number, call id, or with a IP address. To search for a call enter the phone number & hit the search button.

alt text