Table of Contents

My Servers

The My Server menu is where providers manage servers. It is accessed from the dashboard's side bar, as shown in the image below:

  1. Go to Setup > Settings.
  2. Click Servers.

alt text

  1. Click the server's IP address to open its information screen.

alt text

  1. Click the Actions button to open the Server Actions Menu.

Server Actions Menu

The following actions are available in the Server Actions menu: Install Server: installs the latest script to your server. Start Server: Activates the server. Stop Server: Deactivates the server Restart Server: Reboots the server. OS Cycle: Shut down the server using the operating system's mechanisms. Power Cycle: Shut down the server using a hard reset (emulates pressing the power button).

Warning: These actions are listed to inform you of the server page's functionality. Performing any of them could affect services, so we recommend that you avoid tampering with them unless the results are certain.

RTP Servers

[RTP Servers] are responsible for handling streaming media. To manage RTP Servers in your system:

  1. Click the RTP Servers button.
  2. A list of your current RTP servers will appear, with columns for IP address, aliases, and zones.
  3. The Refresh button will reload the page to show the most current changes, if any.

Below is a list of all our RTP Servers:

alt text

Server Information

This screen provides more detailed information about servers associated with your acocunt.

alt text

TCP & UDP Additional Ports

With this feature you can bypass the default UDP port and set any port of your choice, example 5090. This can be set under My Servers> [IP Address]> Port> Enter the port & click save.

alt text

Server Reactivation

To reactivate a server: 1. Click Setup>Settings>Servers.

alt text

  1. Click the server's IP address.
  2. Click Reactivate to activate your server.

NOTE: You will not be able to reactivate a server if the associated account balance is in the negative.