Table of Contents

My Servers

You can manage your servers from the My server menu. This can be accessed from the side bar, as shown in the image below:

  1. Go to Setup>Settings.
  2. Click on Servers

alt text

  1. Click on the server IP to get into the server.

alt text

  1. Click on Actions button.

Server Actions Menu:

  1. Install Server: This will install the latest script to your server
  2. Start Server: Lets you start your server.
  3. Stop Server: Lets you stop the server
  4. Restart Server: To restart your server click on Restart server
  5. OS Cycle: This will gracefully shut your server down.
  6. Power Cycle: This will shut down your server, this is like hard reset.

We don't recommend perforimg any of the actions above as this may interrupt your calls/service.

RTP Servers

RTP Servers are responsible to handle the media.

  1. Click on the RTP Servers button.

  2. A list of all the servers will appear, that includes the columns like IP, Alias and Zone.

  3. Refresh the lists, if needed, by pressing the Refresh button.

Following image shows the list of all our RTP Servers:

alt text

Server Information

alt text

TCP & UDP Additional Ports

With this feature you can bypass the default UDP port and set any port of your choice, example 5090. This can be set under My Servers> [IP Address]> Port> Enter the port & click save.

alt text

Server Reactivation

  1. Click on Setup> My Servers

alt text

  1. Click on the server IP
  2. Click on Reactivate to activate your server.

You will only be able to reactivate your server if your account balance is showing a positive amount.