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Rate Card Management

Rate Cards are an important ConnexCS feature, as they are the means by which most information is organized. This page will guide you through managing provider rate cards. The Rate Card Management screen is found under Management > Rate Card.

You will be presented with a management screen that contains some at-a-glace information about each card. The actual rate cards are viewds by clicking on the providers name. The columns are: Name- The name of the provider. Click this link to see the provider's individual rate card and management options. Direction- Choose between Termination or Origination. Change this setting in the Advanced section. Company - The company associated with the rate card. Currency - The currency relative to the provider's region, between USD, EUR, and GBP. ? - Pressing the ? button next to any rate card with give an information overview of that provider. It includes the name, the card ID, and any dependant children rate cards that could be affected by changes. ID - The rate card's ID, a system identifier that acts as a placeholder and prevents confusion between similarly-named items. * Rule Count -

Add New Rate Card

To add a new rate card to the list:

  1. Click Management > Rate Card.

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  1. Click the blue + button to the top-right of the list.

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  1. Enter a unique name for the rate card.
  2. Select a carrier from the dropdown list.
  3. Select the relevant currency for the customer's region.
  4. Click Save.

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Upload a Rate Card

To upload a rate card from an external file: 1. Click Upload, then browse your computer and select the rate card file

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  1. Map the rate card fields against the system fields.

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  1. You will be notified with a popup when the import completes.

Revision Tab

The revision tab lets us see the previous changes that have been made to a rate card, for example the previous Rule count, Presentation, Currency, date created, Billing.

Advanced Rate Card Settings

To find the Advanced tab, select a rate card. In the rate card's screen, click Properties > Advanced. The advanced tab is used to manipulate two options:

  • Public Options - Decide which ways information about the provider can be shared externally by togging check boxes on and off. You allow the card to be viewed via HTML (on a web page), CSV (a spreadsheet), an API (an external application), and whether or not to list the rate card in the domain portal.
  • CLI Restrict - Enable Call Line Identification (CLI) restriction(s) by entering restricted numbers in the text box.