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Reports Management

This article will guide how to view/download the reports.You can open the reports from the left panel as follows:

  1. Click on the Management from the side bar.
  2. Click on the Reports.
  3. And then click on the Breakout.

alt text


In the breakout section, users can filter it by a customers, providers or destinations. The overall view of the Breakout section is given in figure below for better understanding.

alt text

Selection of Customers, Providers and Destination

You can manage their report section by selecting the customers, providers and destination at the same time.

  • Checking the options from the drop down menu, enables the users to select the option of their choice.
  • You can also uncheck any of them from the options.
  • Users can also Select All the options or Select None for all options. And Search text field is also provided.

alt text

Selecting Multiple Customers

Users can select multiple customers from the drop down menu, where the list of all customers is given.

  1. Click on Select Multiple Customers field.
  2. Select the number of customers from the customers list.

alt text

Selecting Multiple Providers

You can also select multiple providers from the list.

  1. Click on Select Multiple Providers field.
  2. Select the providers from the drop down list.

alt text

As from the above image, the lists of the providers are given and users can either select all of them or select any of them.

Selecting Multiple Destinations

Users can also select multiple destinations.

  1. Click on the Select Multiple Destinations.
  2. Write the name of the destination and select the desired ones.

Selecting the Range of Dates

Users can also set the range of the dates from the calendar.

You can have multiple choices in setting a date which is applicable on the reports.

  1. Users can apply the Current/Today's date.
  2. Users can add the Yesterday's date.
  3. Users can add Last 7 days dates and range of seven days shall be appeared.
  4. Users can also set the Last 30 days dates
  5. User can also add a range of dates, for example, the current month is June. So dates from May 01 to May 31 can be set by clicking on 1 and then 31.
  6. Or users can also customize the dates of their own choice from the calendar. After the option has been selected or the range of the dates is decided, click on the OK button.

After the option has been selected or the range of the dates is decided, click on the OK button.

alt text

Scheduled Breakout Reports

With this feature you can schedule an email for a breakout report. The email gets sent over as per the frequency you select.

Adding a scheduled breakout report

Login to your Connex account. From the side menu, extend the “Report” and click on “Breakout”.

alt text

A new page will open, from the top. Click on the “+” icon that is highlighted in the image given below.

alt text

A dialog box should open. Enter the Name, email address and select the frequency, click on “Save”.

alt text

A new report has been added.

View a scheduled breakout report

You can view the reports by clicking on the button “View Schedule Reports” which is right next to “+”.

alt text

A new page will open which will show all the reports created till now.

alt text

Select the recipients and schedule the reports

You can select the recipients by choosing from customers, providers etc. You can also choose the time period you want to schedule the reports.

Click on the arrow sign to choose the accurate recipients for the reports.

alt text

Also select the customer’s list, provider’s list and destinations as per added by you in your account.

alt text

On the left side, there is a text box from which you can select the time period to schedule your reports. Just click on the text box and a drop down menu should open where you can choose the time. Select “Custom Range” if you are not able to find the time that you want to set in scheduling.

A new drop down should open, customize the time period and click “Ok”

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