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Reports Management

This article explains how to view and download reports in ConnexCS. To find Report Management from the dashboard: Click Management > Report > Breakout.

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The Breakout section is where filter the display customers, providers, or destinations.

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  • Dates are displayed top-left. The first is for the start date, the second is for the end date, and entering both establishes a range of dates instead of one day. Clicking on either will display a selection calendar where you can select dates and times, or you can enter each of these parameters manually.
  • The dropdown menus to the right of the dats is for customers, providers, and groups (if any). They are in alphabetical order, and you can select more than one group where applicable. Parameters are removed by clicking the x right next to its name.
  • There are also Select All and Select None options.
  • After you've entered parameters press the refresh button at the top right beneath the section row. We advise against using the browsers refresh button, as this may also reset the parameters of the report.

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Selecting Multiples

To select multiple customers, providers, or groups, simply click more than one from the dropdown list when choosing which to display. Remember to click the refresh button each time parameters change to ensure you're seeing the most recent selections onscreen.

Selecting the Range of Dates

To select a range of dates, enter a date and time in the first and second boxes. Entering a single date will only display activity for that day. After the range of dates is selected, click the OK button.

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Scheduled Breakout Reports

This feature lets administrators schedule breakout report emails at designated intervals. It is a way to add automation for frequent data requirements. To schedule a breakout report:

  1. From the Report menu, select Schedule Report.
  2. Click the + icon.
  3. A dialog box opens. Here, you can enter all information relevant to the email report, with the same parameters as the reporting screen. The only new parameter is frequency, which determines how often the report is sentg between daily, monthly, and weekly.
  4. Click Save.

The scheduled reports screen will update to show the report you added once you've saved.

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The schedule screen shows the name of the report, the email recipient(s), and the frequency. To edit an existing report, click its name and a window similar to the new report screen opens, allowing you to change any of the previous attributes.