Table of Contents

Reporting a Problem

One at a time please.

If you have more than one problem to report we suggest that you either:

  1. Raise a separate ticket for each request.
  2. Inform us about these problems one at a time and allow an adequate amount of time for us to assess the problem and resolve it.
  3. Telephone

Support Channels

Online Chat

If you would like real-time assistance you can use our online chat system available as the blue icon in the bottom left of this page.

This will alert all of our available staff and the first one available will reply to you. Our chat system also alerts engineers when they are not by their computers to try and increase our availability.

We regret if we are not able to resolve your problem while we are in the chat, or the right person is not available at any particular time. Over 90% of our chats are answered and resolved.

The chat system is NOT intended for you to throw all your problems at us in one go, it is for 1-to-1 communication with a real person who will spend time resolving your issues.

We will make every effort to reply to your chat in a reasonable time frame, however please be prepared to dedicate your time to replying to our responses as we may need additional information to solve the issue.


If you have many problems to report or we are not available via chat, you can raise a support ticket. This is available by clicking on the Safety Ring icon in the top right of our application.


If you wish to speak to a real person you can call our office number listed on our main website. Our support line WILL contact engineers (and wake them up) 24/7. We kindly ask that you only ring this number during 9:00am - 23:00pm GMT, unless there is a CRITICAL issue.

Issue Severity

We classify issues into the following categories:

  1. Trivial - Aesthetic unpleasantries, or things that don't interrupt day to day activities.
  2. Important - Specific settings can't be changed, or set correctly. But not interrupting calls.
  3. Critical - Calls cannot be made, it's seriously affecting call flow.

Required Information

When reporting a problem it is important to provide us with the following information:


We have documentation available on this site which you can search through to try and help you resolve your problem.

If a call is failing we have provided a rich interface with detailed information in our logging system including data direct from our routing engine and a great SIP Ladder to analyse the communication to your providers.

Please take the time to see if our documentation has a guide on how you can resolve your problem and to investigate all the information available to you.

User Interface Issue

If the problem is on our control panel or the customer portal, please provide a clear description of the problem and if possible include screenshots. We recommend the Firefox & Chrome plug-in "Lightshot", this will help doing a screen capture easily and effectively.

Problems with Calls

If you are experiencing problems with call flow, the most important thing to provide are callids. The Call-ID can be found by going to the logging section, clicking on a call, then copying the ID which appears on the right of panel.

Clear and Concise

"Call is not going", without any additional information is not an appropriate problem to report.

We expect users of our system to understand basic telecommunication & VoIP fundamentals.

Not providing the correct information can greatly delay the resolution of your problems.


We are real people who deal with many enquiries per day and we are all a friendly bunch and will try our best to help you. We are happy to talk with you about wider SIP topics outside of our switch where possible, however we do not tolerate rude behaviour, intimidation or threats.

We are all SSVVP and SSCA qualified. Wherever possible we will cite references and point you to SIP traces for factual information.