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Routing in ConnexCS Cloudswitch happens in the following stages:

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  • Incoming call is identified as belonging to a customer, this is checked by source IP or User/Pass Authentication
  • Ingress Routing will check for prefixes first, then against available rate cards. There can be multiple ingress routes per customer
  • Customer Rate Card is built up from carriers above it, so the call can be presented to any carrier who is the parent of the customer rate card.
  • The Carriers Rate Card links into the specific carrier
  • The Carrier selected can have multiple IP addresses, the call will be sent randomly, but carrier CPS and Channel limits will be obeyed.

A rate card in ConnexCS is not an isolated item, it represents a call path. If the rate card is incoming it identifies the carrier which provided that rate card. If the rate card is a customer rate card it will identify which carriers rate cards were used in the construction of this rate card.