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ConnexCS allows for straightforward Invoice generation for all providers. The tool is another way to eliminate gaps in communication between providers and customers.

An Invoice can be created and managed within a customer (Management > Customers > customer name > Invoices) or under Global > Invoices.

Add new Invoices

To add a new invoice:

  1. Click the + button at the top of the page (either under Customers or Global).
  2. If you are creating from Global, you will need to select the customer from the drop menu.
  3. Set an Invoice Date in the bottom right.

    alt text

  4. Select Edit Invoice Item.

  5. The selected a package will auto-complete the Quantity, Unit Price, and Tax.
  6. Set a date range.
  7. Click Save, then Save the Invoice.

alt text

View and Edit Invoices

View To download a PDF version of an Invoice, select alt text.

Edit Click alt text to modify the date, then Edit Invoice Item to modify additional parameters.

Invoice Line Grouping

Invoice Line Grouping allows you to group the invoice based on the destination or day. This is setup under My Account > Settings.