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Customer Rate Card

Customer Rate Cards let you manage the rates for customers, edit customer profiles, and view important information. There are two types of rate cards: The Internal method lets you add a profit to your provider cards or set a flat rate. External rate cards are completed by uploading the custom rate card, and then setting up dynamic routing.

The Internal Method

To set up an internal Rate Card in ConnexCS:

  1. Click Management > Rate Cards > Customer Rate Card.
  2. Select the + button.
  3. Name the card, select a carrier, then click Save.

alt text

alt text

  1. Select Profits.
  2. Click the + button.

alt text

  1. Enter the required prefix in the prefix field, usually an international country code instead of a provider or customer tech prefix. Adding an up arrow ^ on the prefix draws all associated prefixes from the provider card. To specify a set of prefixes add, ^ and prefixes (e.g. ^441).
  2. In the cost field, add the sell price.
  3. There are three choices for costs:
  4. Absolute sets a flat cost, taken from the cost field.
  5. Relative costs are added to the price you entered in cost field.
  6. Add a percentage (%) to the Percentage field if you don't want to use an absolute or relative value. For example, a '10' in the box equals a 10% markup.
  7. Select the billing type.

alt text

  1. Enter the connection charge, if it applies.

  2. Select the Rounding method. It can be up to six(6) decimal places, but is is usually four(4).

  3. Select Cost under the drop-down list for Apply To. If it is a NPA-NXX card you can select Inter/intra/cost

  4. Select Profit from the Status drop-down list.

  5. Select Build from Carrier Card button to build the rate card.

The External Method

The following instructions detail the external method for building Customer Rate Cards.

  1. Click Management > Rate Cards > Customer rate card.
  2. Click the + button, name the card, and select the carrier.
  3. Go to Properties > Advanced, and then select the providers inside the Dynamic Routing box.
  4. Click Save.

alt text

  1. Click the Upload button. A dialog window will allow you to upload a file from your local device.

alt text

alt text

  1. Once the upload completes, select the new file by name.
  2. Map the rate card fields against the system fields.
  3. Click the Import to card button and select the customer card.
  4. Click Save.

The rate card file is imported the customer rate card, and a notfication will signal its completion. Unlike the internal alternative, there is no need to build an external rate card.

Deleting the Customer Rate Card

Delete a customer rate card by selecting its name from the list and then clicking the trash bin icon. Clicking ? button will show a list of provider cards associated with the current customer rate card.

Email the Rate Card

This feature lets providers email rate cards to customers as attachments. To email rate cards:

  1. Click Management > Rate Card > Customer Rate Card.
  2. Select the rate card by name.

alt text

  1. Click the Email button.
  2. Enter the email address, and click Send.

alt text

Revision Tab

The revision tab shows previous changes made to rate cards. For example: previous Rule count, Presentation, Currency, date created, and Billing.