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A package represents a product or service offered to customers, often as a recurring charge based on goods delivrered at a required interval. A package is a global entity in the system that is allocated to each customer as required. A package may include incentives for MRC like DIDs, phone system rentals, or other hardware.

To find the Packages section, go to Setup > Config > Packages from the dashboard.

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The actions that you can perform in this section are:

Add Package

To add a package:

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  1. Click the + button.

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  1. Give a name to the package.
  2. Provide cost and quantity.
  3. Select frequency plan as daily, weekly, or monthly. Choosing weekly or monthly will allow you to select multiple days for each.
  4. Provide a description for the package.
  5. Click Save.

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Edit Package

To edit a package:

  1. From the packages list, click the package name.
  2. Edit the information in the same fashion as creating a new package.
  3. Click the Save button.

Delete a Package

To delete a package:

  1. Select a package from the list.
  2. Click the trash icon.

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Search for a Package

To search your packages list for titles and keywords, use the search box at the top-right of the page to enter terms, and click the Search button.

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Other Features

  • Use the Refresh button.
  • Sort columns in ascending or descending orders by clicking the headers
  • Hide a column by selecting it and clicking the Hide button.

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Minimum Spend

Use this if you bill your customers for a minimum spend per-month based on minutes consumption. The mechanism will calculate the customer's spend in the previous interval, subtract it from the minimum spend, and then pass that charge to their account.