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A package is a representation of a product/service that you are offering to your customers. It can be a chargable item that is recurring based on your required interval. A package is created as a global entity in the system, then allocated to each customer as required. You may wish to do this for any MRC such as DIDs, rental of a phone system or other hardware.

  1. Click on setup>config>package

Minimum Spend

If you bill your customers for a minimum spend per month based on minutes consumption, you can set a package to have a minimum cost. At the recurrance interval it will calculate the spend of the customer for the previous interval, subtract that from the minimum spend and then pass that charge to their account.

This tutorial will guide you through managing packages. Access the packages section from the setup menu, as shown in the screenshot below.

  1. Go to setup>config>Packages

alt text

alt text

The actions that you can perform in this section are:

  1. Add a new package
  2. Edit packages
  3. Delete packages
  4. Search packages

Let’s take a look on each of the above.

Add Package

Once you are on the packages screen, follow the steps shown below:

  1. Click on Add Package button.

alt text

  1. A new model window will open up, allowing you to enter the relevant information.

alt text

  1. Give a name to the package.
  2. Provide cost and quantity.
  3. Select frequency plan as daily, weekly, monthly.

alt text

• When you choose it as weekly, you can select multiple days for it.

alt text

• When you choose monthly, you can select multiple days of the month.

alt text

  1. Provide the description and then click on Save.

The newly saved package will now be listed on the main page.

Edit Package

To edit a package, do the following:

  1. On the packages page, click on the package name that is to be edited.
  2. Edit the information.
  3. Click on Save button.

Delete a Package

To delete a package from the list;

  1. Select a package from the list.
  2. Click on trash icon.

alt text

Search for a Package

To search for a package from the list, type the name of the package in the search field. The package should then be displayed.

alt text

Other Features

Packages page has some other features too.

  1. The list can be refreshed from the Refresh button.
  2. Sort the columns in ascending/descending orders.
  3. Hide a column.

All these features can be seen in the screenshot below.

alt text