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You can customize the SMS template, according to your business rule or requirement. For this;

1) Login to your Connex account 2) Go to Setup>click on Config>click Templates

alt text

3) All the existing templates would show up. Select any template by clicking on its name.

alt text

A new page would open.That page would show the SMS body and subject.

3) Click on the "Edit" button to customize the SMS.

alt text

Under the Subject, SMS, Text and HTML:

a) Write your brand name in the place of "{{brandName}}" b) Give area that you want to generate the alert about in the place of "{{area}}" c) Give value in "{{value}}" etc. You can also apply style to your text via html style panel given under the HTMLtag. 4) Click on "Save" when you are done.

alt text

Search Template

Any template can be searched from the list. Just type in the search field and results will be filtered out in run time.

Refresh list

The templates list can be refreshed any time to fetch the latest templates. Simply click on Refresh button and you will get the updated list.

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