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Circuit Test

A Circuit Test can aid troubleshooting by providing details such as FAS, RTP quality, MOS, release reason, jitter, packet loss percentage, and answer delay measurement. This is done by initiating a call in the switch using a predefined DID. The call routes to a termination provider, out through the PSTN network and then back to the DID. At this point, it checks DTMF, CLI, FAS, and MOS.

Configure a Circuit Test

Setup DID

Navigate to Global > DID the click on the +. 2. Basic - Enter the Customer and Provider information, and the DID number 3. Destination - Select a destination to circuit test. 4. Media - Select the RTP Proxy & Media proxy (details found in the Media section of Routing article), Timeouts, and Max Duration (default value is 3600 seconds). 6. Click Save.

Configure the route

Navigate to Setup > Settings > Options. Edit the following parameters:

  • Origination Ingress Address - Enter the origination ingress IP, and Save.
  • Termination Ingress Address - Enter the termination ingress IP, and Save.
  • Circuit Test User - Select the customer account, and Save.

alt text

Run the Circuit Test

Navigate to Management > Circuit Test

Execute the Circuit Test

Under Log, select Run to execute the test. If the log entry doesn't appear, you can try refreshing the list.

Schedule the Circuit Test

Under Schedule, click the + to configure a time for the Circuit Test to be run. Note, most fields under Schedule allow for multiple selections. Ex: you can schedule the test for multiple days of the week.