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API Integrations

Setup Integrations API

API Integrations are configured to allow ConnexCS to connect to external services. For inbound APIs, please see the API in the Architecture documentation.

Available Integrations

  • PayPal Express Checkout - Allows online checkout via the customer portal using a PayPal Account.
  • PayPal IPN - For customers who wish to use a PayPal feature called MassPay, or want send money from the PayPal portal without using your site, IPN can be enabled. This notifies the system of incoming PayPal payments and we can top-up based on that notification. See PayPal IPN Integration below for specific details and setup.
  • Stripe - Possibly the world's best credit card processor, Stripe can be made available on your customer portal.
  • Duo Security - With Duo Security we can provide 2FA (2 Factor Authentication) via an out-of-band push notification to your mobile device when you sign in. This can then be approved and also benefit from fingerprint authentication.
  • Moneris - A Canadian Credit Card Processing service, Moneris can be made available on your customer portal.
  • ScriptForge - ScriptForge is ConnexCS's Javascript Sandbox environment which you can use to write drivers to intermediate connectivity to a large variety of providers.
  • Razor Pay - Razor Pay is a large payment processor from India.

Enable API Integration

  1. Click the Add button.
  2. Select the desired service from the drop-list.

    alt text

  3. Select the Mode (PayPal Express, Stripe, ScriptForge, Razor Pay only):

    • Test for testing connections
    • Live for an active account
  4. Complete the dialog box and press the Save button.

API Service details

Each service requires different details. These can be obtained using your account with the specific provider(s).

Compare PayPal options

Mass Payment is a bulk payment method that sends funds in an uploaded file to PayPal, allowing the sender to pay less than the standard PayPal fees using their bulk order discounts. Since this payment doesn't trigger anything our VoIP system, we link into PayPal's IPN to accommodate notifications and balance sheet updates.

Mass Pay vs Express Checkout

Use this comparison chart listing the differences between Mass Pay and Express Checkout with PayPal to help you decide which to use:

Mass Pay Express Checkout
A CSV is uploaded to PayPal's website. Made through customer portal.
Slightly lower transaction fees. Standard PayPal fees (about 3.4% + $0.30).
Fees are paid by the sender. Fees are paid by the recipient.
Sender pays a 2% transaction fee, capped at $1 per payment. Recipient pays by per-transaction deductions.
Uses PayPal IPN. Uses PayPal API Signature.

PayPal IPN Integration

PayPal's Instant Payment Notification (IPN) is a service that provides notifications for PayPal transactions. IPN messages can be used to automate bulk payment processes, where consumers still send PayPal payments as normal. Payments made using this integration will automatically top-up the customer account in ConnexCS. For this to work, settings need to be configured on the ConnexCS control panel as well as PayPal.

Configure PayPal IPN

Below are the steps to configure IPN:

Step 1: Configure ConnexCS

  1. Click Add.
  2. Select PayPal IPN and update the following:
    • IPN URL: This should never be modified, you will need it later to complete the integration.
    • Payment Type: Select "Mass Pay" (described above) or "Send Money" (fees may apply).
    • Verify Transaction: ConnexCS will check with PayPal to make sure the transaction is correct
    • Currency: Select one or more currencies that you will accept.
    • Deduct Payment Fees: Set whether you will deduct the fees or not.
  3. Click Save.
  4. To find the IPN URL (needed later in configuration), open the paypal_ipn now listed in API.

Step 2: Identify your IPN listener to PayPal

After you have configured ConnexCS, add it to your PayPal account. (Copied from PayPal instructions here.)

  1. Login to a PayPal Business Account (A PayPal Business Account--not to be confused with a regular PayPal account--is required to perform this task.)
  2. Navigate to Settings > Account Settings > Notifications
  3. Select Update next to Instant payment notifications.
  4. Click Choose IPN Settings.
  5. Enter the IPN URL under Notification URL and select Receive IPN Messages (Enabled) click Save.
  6. Fill in the settings, and then copy the API URL.

Step 3: Insert credentials in your ConnexCS Account

Enter the new credentials back into your account. (PayPal steps copied from PayPal instructions here.)

  1. Navigate to Setup Integrations API
  2. Select Add PayPal.
  3. Select the Mode: Test for testing connections or Live for an active account
  4. In your PayPal account, navigate to Settings Account Settings Account Access.
  5. Click the Update button for API Access.
  6. Select Manage API Credentials under NVP/SOAP API integration (Classic) section.
  7. Select Request API signature, then Agree and Submit.
  8. Copy the API Username, API Password, and Signature credentials from this page into the open PayPal form in ConnexCS.

    alt text

  9. Press Save.

Configure Customer with PayPal Email address

The following are instructions on how to add a PayPal Email address to a ConnexCS customer account:

  1. Navigate to Management Customer [Customer name].
  2. Click under Contacts.
  3. Enter the customer's Name and PayPal email address and click Save.
  4. From the customer's main page, select Edit Config.
  5. Enter the customer PayPal email ID and click Save.

View PayPal IPN Payment Log

These payments can be viewed under Setup > Information > Payment Log.