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A ConnexCS subscription comes with two main tariffs used for billing: per minute and per channel.

ConnexCS Billing Per Channel

Billing per-channel is the traditional approach, where the consumer pays for a set number of channels or ports. It can be seen as the VoIP equivalent of per-line billing in mobile networks.


  1. Cheaper than per minute billing in systems with consistent traffic and high utilization.
  2. Free servers are available for many tiers of service.
  3. Predictable costs allow for more stable billing cycles and simlified cost/benefit analysis.


  1. Inconsistent traffic often leads to higher costs
  2. Capacity planning is inherenly less flexible

ConnexCS Billing per minute

In per-minute billing, the amount of seconds you use are tallied daily, combined with the per minute cost, and then subtracted from your account


  1. Channels come with peripheral considerations that make it more challenging to scale a billing unit, but per-minute rates are exact enough to scale with the system


  1. More expensive with consistent traffic
  2. Multiple servers are more expensive

Minimum Charges

All accounts must spend a mininum of $20 per month to remain active. This helps us prevent incurring losses from stagnant accounts.

Capacity Planning

Capacity planning is a way we extend our services to an advisory capacity, to help our consumer choose the setup that works best for their business. Shifting utilization and the growing demands of scalabilty are always a consideration, but there is also the active management of changing traffic.