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Prefix Sets

Setup Advanced Prefix Set

A Prefix Set allows you to group one or more prefixes to be referenced later.

UK Landline prefixes

Enter the following prefixes to match UK landlines:


Create Prefix Set

  1. Click the .
  2. Enter the set Name.
  3. Add desired the prefixes in the Data field.
  4. Click Save.

Apply Prefix Set

Prefix Sets can be applied to the following locations under the Management menu:

Customer Routing Ingress Routing Basic Dial String Prefix Set

Routing Routing Global Basic Dial String Prefix Set

Rate Card Customer Rate Cards Profits Config Prefix Set


Use Flags to create a Global CLI Blacklist or a Global Dialled Number Blacklist (Aka Block List). This will prevent all calls going through the system which match the defined prefix set.

Blacklist or Do Not Call list

Flags are used for large amounts of numbers that change infrequently. If you are looking to manage a DNC list, take a look at our Do Not Call (DNC) setup.