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Setup Settings Servers

The Servers section displays current servers and allows providers to configure servers, including functions such as load balancing.

Deploy a server

Make sure that you have completed the Getting Started checklist in order to be able to deploy your first server. After which you will be able to choose a server and and a zone to deploy your server into. Delivery is within 5 minutes.

Server Details

Click the server's IP address to view details.

Dispatcher - Load balancer

Switch - Cluster member

Field Switch type Description
Add Load Balancer Dispatcher Add servers to the cluster
Flush Dispatcher Force a server update
Capacity Failover Switch Specify where traffic will go if the server reaches capacity
Server Config Options Switch (click the blue pencil to edit)
FQDN Switch The FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name) needs to be set for TLS security to be enabled directly on the server
Cluster Switch Group servers to share information such as dialogues and throughput. Ex: if you set CPS to 10, clustered servers will allow 10 CPS, un-clustered servers will allow 10 CPS per server.
UAC Auth Switch Register to your carriers with a username and password
WebRTC and TLS Switch Enabled once the FQDN has been set, these also require a secure certificate.
Auto Upgrade Switch When your server is ready for an upgrade, ticking this box will allow it to be performed when your server is at zero channels.
Disable UAC Ping Switch System will automatically send out ping messages to registered UACs, which will then provide details such as latency
UAC Location Array Sharing Switch Allows users registered on one server to call customers on another server (unnecessary for clustered servers)
TLS Internals Switch Useful for high security environments, only used in TLS environments, will enable TLS behind the scenes.
US EU Switch Allows servers to be serviced by US zone, failovers occur to the EU zone
UDP, TCP, TLS Ports Switch Specify additional ports for each protocol
TCP SIP Trace Switch If you want to ensure that ALL of your SIP Traces are captured, you can use TCP instead of UDP, this gives higher reliability however in extremely high traffic scenarios this may cause a slowdown in packet processing time
Use AnyReg Server Switch This is an experimental platform SIP Registrar, should only be used if you know what you are doing.

Server Actions Menu

Click the Actions button to open the Server Actions Menu. The following actions are available:

  • Install Server: installs the latest script to your server.
  • Start Server: Activates the server.
  • Stop Server: Deactivates the server
  • Restart Server: Reboots the server.
  • OS Cycle: Shut down the server using the operating system's mechanisms.
  • Power Cycle: Shut down the server using a hard reset (emulates pressing the power button).

Impact to Services

These actions occur real time and performing any of them could affect services. We recommend that you avoid using them unless the results are understood.


To create a Clusters, click the Cluster button, then click + to name and create a cluster. When a new server is deployed, there will be an option to select one of the clusters.

RTP Servers

RTP Servers handle streaming media. To view RTP Servers in your system:

  1. Click the RTP Servers button.
  2. A list of your current RTP servers will appear, with columns for IP address, aliases, and zones.
  3. The Refresh button will reload the page to show the most current changes, if any.

Server Reactivation


If you are a serious carrier Never let your account run out of credit. It should go without saying, but if your account runs out of credit service will be impacted, it may not instantly be restored either. We will not consider any reactivation problems critical if you persistently top-up only enough credit to cover you for the next day.

To reactivate a server:

  1. Click the server's IP address.
  2. Click Reactivate to activate your server.

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Available Balance needed for server deployment

To deploy a server, you must have $20 (+ $20 X other servers in your account) available balance.