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Adding Non-English Equivalents for Your Preferred Language

You can add non-English equivalents for words in your preferred language, if you want to view all or most of the words on the Control Panel's UI in your preferred language.

When do I perform this task

You must perform this task after you change the language on the Control Panel's UI to your preferred language. For more information about how to change the language on the UI, see Changing the Language of Text Displayed on the UI.


When you change the language, the UI displays most of the words in your preferred language. You must perform this task to change the language for words that the Control Panel did not change.

To add non-English equivalents for your preferred language:

  1. Log into the ConnexCS Control Panel.

    ConnexCS displays the page you were on when you logged out of the Control Panel.

  2. Click Setup > Advanced > Language in the navigation panel (located at the left of the page).

    The page to add or change the non-English equivalents appears.

    You can see all words that the Control Panel translated by default, in a table.

    The words are listed in the alphabetical order.

    The Key column displays the English word and the Translation column displays the non-English equivalent.

  3. In the Language sub-menu on the left, click the language to which you want to add the non-English equivalents.

  4. Do the following to change the non-English equivalents that the Control Panel adds by default:

    • (Optional) To search for a specific word, click an English word in the Key column.

    The Edit pop-up appears on the right.

    • Enter new text in the Translation text box.

    • Click Save.

    The new text, for the word you chose, will be displayed in the Translation column.

    • Repeat the Three preceding steps to change the non-English equivalents for more words.

    • (Optional) If you do not see the changes, click Refresh located at the top of page.

  5. Do the following to add new non-English equivalents for more words:

    • Click + located at the top of the page.

    A pop-up appears on the right.

    • In the Key text box, enter the English word.

    • In the Translation text box, enter the non-English equivalent.

    The following image illustrates how to add a new word in Spanish.

    alt text

    • Click Save.

    You can see the new word you added, in the table.

What will happen if I add another entry for a word that Control Panel has translated by default

If you add a non-English equivalent for a word, say 'Channel' as 'canal'. The Control Panel contains a default entry for 'Channel' as 'Canales'. In such cases, the Control Panel replaces the default entry with your new word.

  1. To delete a non-English equivalent you added or to reset an incorrect change to a default entry:

    • Select the check box for the word and click Reset (located at the top of the page).

    A Warning pop-up appears.

    • Click OK.

    The Control Panel deletes the new non-English equivalent or resets the default non-English equivalent to the original translated word.


You cannot delete default non-English equivalents from this table.