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Setup Settings Options

The Options area allows you to set key default behaviors for the system.

  • Customer Origination Instructions Page - Provides helpful details or updates when customers login.
  • Origination and Termination Ingress Addresses - Typically these should match.
  • Profit Assurance Default - Enables Profit Assurance on all new accounts.
  • Audit Comment - Requests explanation when changes are made to various areas of the Control Panel.
  • Support URL and Support Phone - Provides quick access for customers to contact your support teams.
  • Payment Details and Description - Allows you to add custom messages and display details such as bank account information, simplifying the payment process.
  • Circuit Test User - Allows system to do full circuit test by selecting which user it comes in on.
  • Alpha and Beta Feature Previews - Provides access to new and upcoming features.
  • Invoice Line Grouping - Determines whether generated invoices display one line per day or one line per destination.
  • Internal Number Range Start and Block Size - Sets the default start and range of number blocks which are assigned to customers (configuration instructions here).
  • Auto Logout - System will log a user out after timing out.
  • Hybrid Menu Only - When ConnexCS is used in Hybrid mode, this option hides unavailable items from the menu.