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Setup Config Packages

A Package represents a product or service offered to customers, often as a recurring charge based on goods delivered at a required interval. ConnexCS Packages are global entities which are allocated to each customer as required. Each package may include incentives for MRC like DIDs, phone system rentals, or other hardware.

Add Package

  1. Click the + button.
  2. Complete fields as needed (details below).
  3. Click Save.

alt text


Field Name Description
Name The name of the package
Retail The price that you will charge to your customer (Recurring Charge)
Cost The price which you pay for this package (Recurring Charge)
Frequency How often should this package charge repeat (choosing weekly or monthly will allow you to select multiple days for each)
Description Your description
Setup Cost Non-recurring price this items costs you
Setup Retail Non-recurring price you charge to your customer
ConnexCS Package See below
Minimum Spend See below

Minimum Spend

Select this if you bill your customers for a minimum spend per-month based on minutes consumption. The mechanism will calculate the customer's spend in the previous interval, subtract it from the minimum spend, and then pass that charge to their account.

ConnexCS Package

If there is a service that you have from ConnexCS which you then re-brand and sell to your customer, you must select it here, so that ConnexCS can enable that feature on your customer account.