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Call Detail Record (CDR)

Management Customer [Customer Name] CDR

The CDR (Call Detail Record) is an extensive set of information that's collected and stored for each call. This is used primarily for billing purposes as it contains details such as call duration and destination number.

Archived Records

CDR records are "hot" (instantly queries) for the last 3 months guaranteed. After that, they're moved to the warm storage server where they are highly compressed and available for bulk download.

Global CDR

View CDRs for all Customers and Carriers in Global CDR. Download and recalculate selected CDRs across multiple customers.

Manage displayed CDRs

The Customer CDR tab lists Call Detail Records associated with the selected account. Select the entries to display more detailed information. These queries are made on the server and then displayed in the portal.

  • Columns: You can enable more CDR fields on the Columns tab on the right.
  • Column filter/sort: Click the header of each column to filter and sort the displayed entries. Since each call generates a CDR, this function is especially useful for customers with high call volume.
  • Download: Press Download to save the record to your hard drive in CSV format. You can also select the columns to include in the download.

Recalculate CDR

When viewing CDRs for specific customer, use the Recalc CDR button to refresh CDR data that may be inaccurate. Each Operation displays different fields.

  • Operations
    • Refresh Credit (recalculates balances)
    • Refresh Summaries & Credit
    • Rerate Calls, and Refresh Summaries & Credit
    • Adjust Call Duration, Rerate Calls, and Refresh Summaries & Credit
  • Date (UTC) (for Refresh operations)
  • Release Reason (for Rerate operations)- Select the reason for call end, multiple selections are allowed. This will modify the amount that was charged for the calls.
  • Min Duration (for Adjust Call Duration operations)
  • New Duration (for Adjust Call Duration operations)

    alt text

Rerating CDRs

If you select either "Rerate" options when recalculating CDRs, this will change your CDRs and isn't reversible. Original call durations are modified according to the selected criteria.

Query Builder

Create advanced filters using any fields of the record. Quickly select either Origination or Termination, or use the Query Builder to customize the data view.

  • Match Type: Select "All" or "Any" calls to match.
  • Select the CDR field from the drop-down, then "Add Rule" to define parameters to match.
  • Select Add Rule to select additional fields and parameters to include in the custom query.
  • Use Add Group to group sets of queries into a series of groups, creating complex, compound, and multi-vector queries.

    alt text

Using Query Builder with large amounts of data

We recommend not to run detailed and complex queries on large amounts of data. It is better to write more compact and pared down queries to retrieve this data. Unlike other providers, ConnexCS doesn't use CDRs for debugging. You should be able to do all debugging in the Logging section.

CDR Time Zone

CDR's are rated and stored in UTC, daily totals are also calculated in UTC. You can change the time zone that individual CDR records are viewed from the time zone selector, but downloads will always be in UTC.