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Management Customer [Customer Name] Class5

In Class5 are the options for the ConnexCS Unified Communications service. While the majority of the ConnexCS system is centered around Class4 routing, this area provides several functions which customers may configure for better user experience.

  • Apps allows customers to configure various features such as Pinless Calling or DNC (Do Not Call) lists with the full functionality of Script Forge. This is configured in Class5 > Apps.
  • Conference allows multiple callers to join one conference call, or bridge.
  • IVR presents callers with a menu and options for call routing.
  • Groups allows you to distribute inbound calls to a predefined team.
  • Voicemail is managed under specific customers or in a bulk view under Class5 > Voicemail.
  • Phonebook allows all users to receive the same list of numbers within the customer, essentially a company directory. This is also used in the Web Phone configuration.