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Some Interesting Features

makeCall Feature

When we initiate makeCall we pass a number that we're dialing, for example:

  .then(res => {
    res.$on('onStatusChanged', status => {
      console.log('Auto Status Change', status.session);
    console.log('Before Dial');
  .catch(err => {
    console.log('error', err);
    console.log('Before Dial');

Then, the makeCall features return a Promise (an object that represents the eventual completion (or failure) of an asynchronous operation and its resulting value), which results in an Event Manager (refers to the process of handling and responding to events that occur in a web page or application).

A Promise uses .then and .catchthat enables you to listen to a Promise.

You can consider Event Manager as a response from the Promise.

Thus, when you listen to an event it returns a Status. In the above example, the event is onStatusChanged and the response you can expect is status. Thus, whenever the status changes, the SIP-client releases the onStatusChanged event. The various statuses can be establishing, idle, initial, terminating, etc.

getProv Feature

It's a feature that works every time you sign-in to the Webphone.

Thus, the Webphone needs to provision a specific user with a set of specific features.

getProv feature return some specific information or Promise.

For example, this.getProv().then returns the user's provision information such as their user name.

this.getData().then(async data => {
      this.getProv().then(prov => { 
                  data.agentId = prov.sipUser.username;

To sum up we can say, getProv gets data from the servers after provisioning a user.

For example you can get the following information on the Webphone when you use the getProv feature:

 "prov": {
        "brandName": "Cacious WebPhone",
        "menu": [
                "id": "home",
                "title": "Home",
                "url": "/",
                "icon": "mdi-home",
                "order": 1
                "id": "dialpad",
                "title": "Dialpad",
                "url": "/dialpad",
                "icon": "mdi-dialpad",
                "order": 2
                "id": "agent",
                "title": "Agent",
                "url": "/agent",
                "icon": "mdi-account-tie-voice",
                "order": 3
                "id": "history",
                "title": "History",
                "url": "/call-log",
                "icon": "mdi-history",
                "order": 4
                "id": "contacts",
                "title": "Contacts",
                "url": "/contacts",
                "icon": "mdi-card-account-phone",
                "order": 5
                "id": "settings",
                "title": "Settings",
                "url": "/settings",
                "icon": "mdi-cog",
                "order": 6
        "currency": "USD",
        "flags": [
        "codec": {
            "delete": [
            "priority": [
        "setup": true,
        "paymentMethods": {
            "paypal": {
                "label": "PayPal",
                "currencies": [
                "min_payment": 0
            "stripe": {
                "label": "Credit Card",
                "currencies": [
                "min_payment": 0,
                "key": "********"
        "balance": 2045.1765,
        "sipUser": {
            "displayName": "cacious",
            "cli": null,
            "username": "cacious",
            "password": "****,
            "wsServer": "wss://",
            "realm": ""