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Delay Log

Setup Information Delay Log

The Delay Log shows all the save-events that are delayed and when they are expected to execute. These events are created when you use the Delay Save option when saving settings.

Save Options

Save and Continue = Exit the Customer screen.

Save and Stay = Save the customer, but stay in the screen. (helpful when you add multiple Customers at a time)

Delay and Save = Select a time to elapse before saving the Customer, delaying the setup or change.


A customer calls you and says that they can't top-up right now because they aren't near their computer. They request $25.00 credit to cover them for the next 1 hour. You can change their debit limit to $25.00 in the system, then immediately after use Delay Save to change it to $0.00 with a delay of 1 hour. After that 1 hour has passed, the customer's limit is automatically set back to $0.00.