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Delay Log

Setup Information Delay Log

A Delay Log event allows you delay the commitment of a record until a later date/time.

To delay the saving of a record, click on the :fontawesome-chevron-down: icon next to the Save button and select "Delay Save", then select how long to delay the event.

The Delay Log page shows all the save-events which have been delayed and when they will be expected to be executed.


A customer calls you and says that they are currently unable to top-up as they are not by their computer. They request $25.00 credit to cover them for the next 1 hour. You can change their debit limit to $25.00 in the system, then immediately after change it to $0.00 and use the delay save. In the delay, you can choose 1 hour. After that 1 hour has passed the customers limit will automatically be set back to $0.00